With the arrival of our 19th season, CheerForce is excited to continue growing as leaders in our industry. We would like to welcome back all of our returning families, and extend warm welcomes to families who have become a part of the #CFFamily. Here at CheerForce, we pride ourselves on being family oriented and are excited that you have joined our program; you are now part of the blue and gold legacy. As the season begins to unfold, we want to ensure that we provide our families with all the tools they need for a smooth and successful start. Below you will find a few tips to help guide you during this exciting time! We encourage you to have a read, and get ready for what will be the most memorable season of CheerForce yet!


One of the best ways to become more familiar with the program and the gym is to join us and other families at our gym for our Family Fun Day. This is an event we look forward to annually as it allows the owners and coaches to get to know the parents of our athletes,and vice versa. We encourage you to come out, have some laughs, gain new information, meet other parents in our program, and watch new friendships grow! Be sure to mark your calendars - Saturday, June 16th 2018 from 11:00am to 2:00pm. We look forward to seeing you there!

E-mail? Instagram? You can bet that we use it all! Social media and e-mail is a key component in ensuring that you are always up-to-date with CF events, reminders, or important information. Our gym is always busy with extra training opportunities such as camps, clinics, classes, and open gyms that your athlete is welcome to take part in. Be sure to check your e-mails, our Instagram and Facebook page regularly to stay on track. Remember to also join your team's private Facebook group where information and discussions are posted specific to your teams. If you need help joining, be sure to approach your coach immediately.

Instagram: cheerforce.allstars
Facebook: CheerForce AllStars
Twitter: @CF_AllStars

Cheerleading is a team sport, which means that full team attendance is one of the keys to team success. Whether it is the summer season, or the competition season schedule, attendance is mandatory in order to build skills, perfect choreography, and strengthen team bonds. Throughout the summer, teams practice once a week for 1-2 hours in addition to scheduled extra choreography dates in June and August (Youth and up excluding Prep teams.) While we understand, and are accommodating to families enjoying vacations during the summer, it is important for your athlete to be at practices when they can, and of course, to attend mandatory choreography days. Throughout the competitive season schedule, teams have practice 1-3 times a week and are using this time to prepare for competitions. Open communication with coaches is key! If there is a problem, simply approach us. We need all athletes to consistently be improving and working together to achieve success!

Unsure about what your athlete should wear and bring to practice? Not to worry - we keep it pretty simple. We ask that all our athletes wear CheerForce t-shirts and tank tops to practice with a pair of shorts, socks, and of course, their cheer shoes! All athletes are provided with a clothing package at the beginning of the year with top options they can wear to practice. The best part? We always sell clothing throughout the season to add to your athlete's wardrobe, or you can visit the CheerForce Buy/Sell/Trade group and see what others are selling! To top it all off in true cheerleader fashion, we encourage our athletes to wear their hair in a ponytail with a bow!

Be sure to remember that every registered athlete also gets one group tumbling class per week throughout the summer! Tumbling is one of the major components of cheerleading, and is one of the vital elements that determine team and level placement. We encourage our athletes to take advantage of these tumbling classes as well as additional private, semi-private, group classes, and intensive sessions. All information can be found on our website. Unsure about what tumbling skills are needed for each level? Be sure to ask a coach, or check out the tumbling break down in the Parent Viewing Lounge!

In order to prevent you from having any problems when arriving to the gym with your athlete, there are a few things we would like to remind you of when driving in! Parking can be found behind the facility, or across the street. We advise families to NOT park at the Mechanic Shop next door as this parking is prohibited. Be aware that if you are parking across the street, we encourage you to drop your athlete off at the door first, or walk over with them. Parking in front of the building is specifically designated for coaches, and families in need of our Handicap Parking Spots. Dropping off and not coming in? That's fine too! We simply ask that you treat the front as a kiss and ride! Please do not block the driveway of the facility when dropping off your athlete, or waiting to pick them up. There are teams practicing every day of the week and we do not want to block the entrance.   

The cheerleading season and all its events will inevitably cause questions to rise. The best way to get clear and direct answers is to contact your coaches or any member of our staff directly. We encourage all of our families to reach out to us when they need clarification or answers, as opposed to trying to find the answers themselves, or potentially getting the wrong information from others! Like we mentioned earlier, communication is absolutely key! Having a strong relationship with our families is important to us and needless to say, we are always here when you need to chat.

Every single athlete at CheerForce is an important member of the family. It is our goal to create a safe, inviting, and fun space for every single athlete at our gym. A part of this process involves guiding them to build their skills appropriately, and placing them in levels and teams that we feel are appropriate for where they are in their growth as athletes, and where they will utilize all of their cheerleading skills. We ask our families to trust the process - as coaches, it is our job to guide, mentor, teach, and lead our athletes to grow and progress safely and confidently- and that is exactly what we intend to do. With our knowledge and expertise, we can assure you that the decisions we make and the training we provide reaps only rewards and benefits for your athletes. 

Are you ready?
We sure are, and we cannot wait to enter another season with you as a part of our family.
Welcome to CheerForce!