What is AllStar Cheer?

AllStar cheer has quickly become one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Cheer teams are usually comprised of 10-32 athletes. Teams are divided according to age and ability level and focus on tumbling, stunts, jumps and dance, choreographed into 2:30 of entertaining high intensity routines. These cheer routines are then performed at competitions across Canada and the United States and are judged on difficulty, creativity, precision and entertainment value.

CheerForce is recognized throughout southern Ontario as one of the premier cheer gyms for athletes to reach their true potential. Our programming guarantees a spot for every age and ability level.

How Can I Join A Team?

NEW MEMBERS can visit our CheerForce New Members page to join our mailing list and receive our 2024-2025 Registration Package. Please don’t hesitate to call, 905-844-4884 and we will find a place for you!

What Is The Commitment Required To Be On An AllStar Team?

Our Competitive AllStar Cheer Program participate in 1-3 practices a week depending on skill level. Each team participates in 4-7 competition performances throughout the course of the competitive season (November to April) and requires the purchase of a uniform. Athletes interested in being placed on one of our competitive team rosters must participate in team placements or communicate with us to set up a one on one assessment so they can be properly placed on the appropriate team for their age and skill level. All of our AllStar Teams have a mandatory attendance policy to ensure our teams are prepared for competition, this means you may have to give up some social activities to be on one of our teams. The life long friendships, goal achievement, relationships and experiences that you will gain from being on one of our teams cannot be measured!