What is Prep Competitive Cheer?

Our Prep Competitive Cheer program offers introductory teams that focus on building confidence in the skills necessary for your athlete to compete on a competitive AllStar team. Prep teams require no previous experience. They practice once a week for 2 hours and compete in 4 local competitions a year. This opportunity gives your athlete the big picture of AllStar cheer with an affordable price and low time commitment. Mandatory skills to be placed on a competitive team are a cartwheel and a back walkover. Athletes who aren't yet confident with these skills will be placed onto a Prep team. 

How Can I Join a Team?

Team placements are held each year at the beginning of May. We do accept athletes throughout the season however depending on timing, joining mid season might not be suitable. If you are looking to join after the season has already started please call us to set up a private evaluation. Please don’t hesitate to call 905-844-4884 or email and we will find a place for you!