Registration Available: June 19th, 2020 @ 5:00pm 

*Maximum of 2 classes per athlete 

Tuesday June 23rd - 5:00PM-5:45PM
Wednesday June 24th - 5:00PM-5:45PM
Saturday June 27th - 1:00PM-1:45PM
Sunday June 28th - 1:00PM-1:45PM
U12 (formally YOUTH)
Monday June 22nd - 5:00PM-5:45PM
Monday June 22nd - 6:00PM-6:45PM
Tuesday June 23rd - 6:00PM-6:45PM
Wednesday June 24th - 6:00PM-6:45PM
Thursday June 25th - 5:00PM-5:45PM
Thursday June 25th - 6:00PM-6:45PM
Friday June 26th - 5:00PM-5:45PM
Friday June 26th - 6:00PM-6:45PM
Saturday June 27th - 2:00PM-2:45PM
Sunday June 28th - 4:00PM-4:45PM
Monday June 29th - 6:00PM-6:45PM
Monday June 29th - 7:00PM-7:45PM
Tuesday June 30th - 6:00PM-6:45PM
Tuesday June 30th - 7:00PM-7:45PM
U17 (formally JUNIOR)
Monday June 22nd - 7:00PM-7:45PM
Tuesday June 23rd - 7:00PM-7:45PM
Wednesday June 24th - 7:00PM-7:45PM
Friday June 26th - 7:00PM-7:45PM
Friday June 26th - 8:00PM-8:45PM
Saturday June 27th - 4:00PM-4:45PM
Monday June 29th - 5:00PM-5:45PM
Monday June 29th - 8:00PM-8:45PM
Tuesday June 30th - 5:00PM-5:45PM
Tuesday June 30th - 8:00PM-8:45PM
U19 (formally SENIOR)
Monday June 22nd - 8:00PM-9:45PM
Wednesday June 24th - 8:00PM-8:45PM
Thursday June 25th - 7:00PM-7:45PM
Sunday June 28th - 2:00PM-2:45PM
Tuesday June 23rd - 8:00PM-8:45PM
Thursday June 25th - 8:00PM-8:45PM
Saturday June 27th - 3:00PM-3:45PM
Sunday June 28th - 3:00PM-3:45PM



Please ensure that your are registered for an Age Training class BEFORE you show up - if you are not registered, you will not be permitted in the class - ALL registrations for classes MUST be done online by a parent - we will NOT be taking requests to enroll athletes. 

Once your have chosen your classes, make sure you click "accept" and you will then receive "Enrolled" notification - to double check that you have enrolled, click on "My Classes" and scroll to the bottom to make sure you are enrolled in your chosen classes before dropping off. 

If you register for more than 2, we will remove your athlete from two classes - if you need to change your class time, please email

If your athlete will not be attending a class, please email to inform us - please do so as soon as possible because our classes are full and we would like others to have the opportunity to participate in the class

Drop Off

Please make sure you drop off your athlete at the next available CF logo on the sidewalk on the side of the building NO EARLIER THAN 15 MINUTES before the start of a class

During Class

Parents must either remain at their car or in their vehicle, or they are welcome to leave and come back - we are discouraging ANY kind of congregating in the parking lot - NO spectators will be permitted to sit by the back of the building near the overhead doors

Pick Up 

Please do not approach the exit door to pick up your athlete

Please understand that we must maintain consistency for the safety of everyone involved.  Our protocols have been implemented in accordance to the regulations that have been put forth to us in order to be open for athletes at this time.




1. Click Registration Link Below.
2. If you have been a part of any of our programs, click on “Already A Member” at the top of the contact page – follow the instructions to access our Customer Portal.  If you are new, please complete all contact information.
3. Under classes click ”Search” – scroll down until you find the Tumbling Class of your choice.
4. Click on the “Register” link.
5. You will be returned to the Original Page.
6. Complete Remaining Information.
7. Complete the check boxes indicating you have read the waiver.
8. Type your name in the box and hit submit.
9. A confirmation email will be sent to you and the admin desk.