2019-2020 TEAM ROSTERS

Thank you for your interest in our program! At CheerForce we pride ourselves in perfection before progression so our athletes advance confidently year after year. We have placed your athlete onto the team best suited for their current individual skill set. We are excited to get started with you all for our 19th season as industry leaders!


Did you miss team placements? Interested in being a part of the CheerForce Family for the 2019-2020 competitive season? We have a team for absolutely everyone. If you would like to arrange an assessment for one of our competitive teams please email info@cheerforceallstars.ca. Each athlete who participates and is assessed will be assigned to the team that is best suited for his/her current individual skill set at the time of placements. At CheerForce we highly believe in perfection before progression and design our teams with safety and stunt positions in mind. We strive to create an atmosphere where all of our athletes are highly utilized and have the ability to showcase their skills confidently. We create each team to be as successful as possible in their division, while promoting skill progression, personal development and life long friendships. 

Listed below are the tumbling skills that our athletes are required to perform confidently by team placements to be considered for each level. It is under CheerForce's discretion to determine the best fit for an athlete and where they will be most successful. Athletes must also stunt at the level they tumble to be considered for a position.

*Athletes who do not meet our Level 1 Requirements will be placed onto one of our amazing Prep Level teams.