CheerForce Tumbling Classes

Thank you for your interest in the CheerForce Tumbling Program. At this time we offer 2 types of tumbling programs. Our Tumbling Classes are run by qualified instructors with a class size of up to 10 athletes. Classes are structured according to athlete ability and experience. Our Private Tumbling Sessions are geared toward the athletes that want more individual attention in the 1 on 1 or 1 on 2 ratio that private or semi-private classes provide.

Please be aware of the different levels and ages when registering for a tumbling class.  Level classes require athletes to have a MINIMUM required skill level.  When ages are specified, only those aged athletes may register for those classes – all other classes not age specified will be open to all ages.  All classes will include conditioning and strength training.  Jumps will also be introduced and covered.

Click on the link below that will best suit the needs of your athlete.

Private Tumbling Classes

2018 Winter Tumbling & Flight Classes