CheerForce Additional Programs and Services


We offer a variety of CheerForce Cheerleading Camps that designed for children aged 4-12. Participants will learn a variety of cheerleading elements such as stunts, jumps, tosses, tumbling dance and pyramids. The days also include crafts, gymnastic skills, water play (summer only), outdoor games (summer only), cooperative games and other activities (weather permitting).  Our camps include Summer Camps, P.A. Day Camps, Holiday Camps and Competitive skills camps.


We run 2 types of tumbling programs. Tumbling classes which are a hour in length and up to 10 athletes in the class. We also run Private and Semi-private classes for those looking for more individual attention.

Birthday Parties

Looking for a different twist to the regular birthday party. We offer 2 birthday packages at CheerForce depending on how you would like to customize your athletes special day.