CheerForce Programs

At CheerForce we have a number of various programs that cater to a wide range of ability and commitment levels.

Our Recreational Cheer Program is a program that focuses on an introduction to cheerleading. Motions, tumbling skills, jumps and stunts are taught during each practice. The classes have no performances and no uniforms are required. The goal of the recreational program is to teach the beginner athlete the fundamentals of cheerleading. This will in turn prepare them for the Competitive Allstar program.

Our Competitive Allstar Cheer Program participate in 1-3 practices a week depending on skill level. Each team involves 4-7 competitive team performances throughout the course of the competitive season (November to April) and requires the purchase of a uniform. The athletes in the competitive program work to continue mastering skills and incorporate them into a 2 minute and 30 second performance that includes stunts, jumps, tumbling, pyramids, tosses and dancing. Athletes interested in being placed on one of our competitive team rosters must participate in team placements or communicate with us to set up a one on one assessment so they can be properly placed on the appropriate team for their age and skill level.

Team Placement Information – Team Placement Information