CFTC Recap

Thank you to all of our amazing families for all of your support at Cheer for the Cure this weekend. We are so happy to be able to participate in an event that is so near and dear to our hearts. We hope that with our continued support of this event that there will one day be a cure for this horrific illness.
Tiny 1- 4th Place!
This team has come so far in such a short amount of time. With some really young athletes, this team is packed with talent waiting to explode. Watch out for the Tidal Waves!

Mini Prep – 2nd Place!
These minis had an awesome run at Cheer for the Cure! They hit their stunts and totally rocked their brand new dance. Rain is getting better every practice and it truly shows in their confident smiles on the mat.

Mini 1 – 6th Place!
These minis had an amazing performance this weekend! They worked together to improve on their last performance at Fall Classic and really showed progress in their skills. Watch these girls grow this season, they already have so much talent and passion for cheer and we cannot wait to push them even harder. LETS GO VORTEX!

Mini 2 –  3rd Place!
Our mighty mines had so many amazing team and individual accomplishments this weekend. Always pushing for difficult skills, this team showed growth and hard work to execute their skills. Mini 2 WHATS UP? Show us how you do it!

Youth 1 – 5th Place!
Youth 1 is the definition of a team that knows how to fight for what they want! They’ve had a couple setbacks recently but showed that they could rally as a team and put a beautiful run on the competition floor featuring some awesome upgrades to their stunts and pyramid. Big things are coming from the Cyclones who are all about the Work Hard Dream big mentality!

Youth 2 – 4th Place!
Lightening knows how to put on a show! These fierce ladies have been working so hard, individually and as a team, to up their routine difficulty! Their hard work paid off this past weekend with a strong and sassy run! They are already eager, willing and excited to continue their progress this season!

Youth 3 – 4th Place!
These athletes are so very talented. Every time they hit the floor magic happens. Their passion, energy and hard working attitudes were evident this weekend and we could not be more proud of them. We are looking forward to continued progress in their stunts heading into the New Year. Way to go SUPER DUPER CELLS!

Junior Prep – 2nd Place!
Constantly striving to improve the Blizzards have been working super hard on their tumbling over the last couple weeks and we can already hear the gong ringing at the gym with new skills! These guys and girls have been gaining confidence each and every practice and it’s awesome to have such a big team of brand new kids absolutely loving cheerleading. Junior Prep is coming atcha with lots of upgrades next competition!
Junior 1 – 4th Place!
Gravity showed resilience and growth this weekend. They accommodated a last minute fill in and hit the mat with an almost flawless performance. Gravity girls, we are so proud of you and cannot wait to see you grow and improve in the second half of the season.

Junior 3 – 2nd Place!
The King and Queens of J3 Hail have made significant strides on and off the competition mat towards their goal! Their dedication and hard work was evident this weekend with a successful and entertaining run! Keep an eye out for J3 Hail as they continue growing as a team!

Senior 2 – 2nd Place!
S2 Crew had a spectacular performance this weekend. Way to amp up the intensity, focus on technique and work together as a team. We are so proud of all your hard work at practices and on the competition floor. This team is sure to make it BOOM in the next half of the season!

Senior 3 – 6th Place!
Look out for Senior 3 Avalanche, they’ll be coming at you full strength! These ladies are able to overcome bumps in the road to prove what they’re made of. Their hard work and dedication is apparent to coaches, parents and athletes alike! The second half of this season will be the best yet for these girls!

Senior 4 – 4th Place!
Earthquake was the definition of strength and hard work this weekend, having to fill various positions on the team, Senior 4 showed up ready to shine. We are so proud of your ability to bounce back and work together to make amazing things happen. We cannot wait to see this group of girls hit the mat in February

Thank you to this wonderful group of girls for coming out to show support and for pitching in this weekend! We could not be more proud of you ladies and how you constantly go above and beyond for our program. Way to go Tornadoes!

Golden Girls – 2nd Place,
Golden Girls had GOLDEN weekend! Hitting the mat ready to shine, these girls showed passion and progress in both day performances on their road to The Cheerleading Worlds. The Girls ended 2nd in the division, were selected to receive a Partial Paid Bid to Cheerleading Worlds & Invitation to Cheer Evolution Face-Off. Way to go Goldies!
SWAG – 3rd Place!
This team has come together in such a short amount of time! In their new sassy uniforms they hit the floor on the road to The Cheerleading Worlds. Congratulations on your 0 DEDUCTION run day 2! We are so proud of you SWAG.
A big congratulations to our Heatwave athletes for an amazing performance at Cheer for the Cure this weekend. They hit the mat in their brand new uniforms and truly made the crowd smile. We are so proud of all your hard work and the passion you put into your routine. Way to go HEATWAVE!

Thank you for all your support,

CF Staff

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